Reduce the use of items and promotionals that harm the environment, as the plastic bags currently given away at convenience stores, supermarkets and self-service, which pollute and harm to all ecosystems on the planet.



Consolidate our company as one of the largest seller of recyclable products, using the latest tech to always deliver a high quality product that is friendly to the environment.



We work under the schemes of innovation, quality, respect and care for the environment.


BMEU S. de R.L.M.I. is a company dedicated to the design and manufacture of bags made from 100% PPS (Propylen Spunbond), this material even though is not biodegradable it’s highly reusable and recyclable, is a non-woven fabric with which many items are manufactured in Construction, Agriculture, Mining and Textile Industry, as in our case, our products are made with ultrasound and printed in flexography and screen printing with water-based inks which makes them highly recyclable as they don’t have threads or solvents in print which allows our promotional easy for recycling. Our bags can be sold in department stores, as promotional items, sporting goods stores, sales for TV, sports and cultural events as well as many other industrial packaging and other uses.